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Hill’s Pet Nutrition

In the late 1930s, veterinarian Dr Mark L. Morris Sr had an idea that revolutionised the fledgling pet healthcare industry – namely, that certain pet diseases could be managed with nutrition. The first animal to benefit was a seeing-eye dog named Buddy, who had kidney disease. His treatment was a success, and resulted in the development of Hill’s Prescription Diet k/d – the first commercially available Hill’s pet food.

Ever since, innovation has been essential to Hill’s success. Hill’s has made spectacular breakthroughs in many pet conditions and veterinarians around the world use Hill’s products to treat conditions such as obesity, osteoarthritis and skin conditions.

More than 150 veterinarians, Ph.D nutritionists and food scientists are employed by Hill’s worldwide to ensure that Hill’s food is precisely balanced, meaning that your pets get exactly what they need in order to live happy, healthy, long lives.

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Female, 40-44, Western Cape

“It keeps my pet in great condition.”

Male, 50-54, Western Cape

“Good products for cats and dogs.”

Female, 55-59, Gauteng

“I have very healthy, happy dogs on Hill’s.”

Female, 50-54, Western Cape

“Best quality.”